Not Idolatry

Christians do not worship idols

It is important to know that Christians do not worship idols.

Anyone who believes in Jesus as their Lord belongs to the 'body of Christ' (often called the church). The church is the people of God and is not a place where people meet. The Bible tells us that there is one church.

But the church is made up of people from all nations and different cultures and ways of doing things. Some of these churches may have statues or other figures in their church buildings. But they do not worship the statues. Christians do not worship idols. They worship God alone.

But people express their worship of God in different ways and sometimes there may be statues in a church building, simply to inspire people to think about God. These are just symbolic and are not worshipped by Christians.

Even when people have a cross in a church building, or even a necklace etc, it is just symbolic - a reminder about God only.
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